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Destination Zahara de los Atunes


Hotel El Cortijo de Zahara THe Senses Collection sleeps in the arms of Zahara de los Atunes, one of the most seductive corners of the Andalusian coast. Located south of the province of Cádiz and about 170 kilometers away from Seville, Zahara de los Atunes is located at the foot of the Sierra del Retín and in the mouth of river Cachón. The name “Zahara” comes from Andalusian Arabic, meaning “wild and rocky”; and the “almadraba”, the ancient artistry of tuna fishing, gives this place its surname.

Thanks to the gentle climate, the virgin landscapes, its cuisine and nightlife, Zahara de los Atunes has become one of the most important coastal touristic places in Andalusia. Naturally, the people here – friendly and polite as good “gaditanos” are (people from Cádiz) – is another good reason to come and enjoy this experience. The cultural offer is wide: the evening concerts are especially known and flee markets conquer the village streets.

The name “Zahara” comes from Andalusian Arabic, meaning “wild and rocky”; and the “almadraba”, the ancient artistry of tuna fishing, gives this place its surname.


The climate of Zahara de los Atunes is Mediterranean Oceanic, characterized by having mild winters and temperate summers. Any time of the year is excellent to dive deeper into this unique place. Precisely, this climate gives us unique conditions to practice water sports. The wide crystal-clear-water beaches and the East winds make of Zahara de los Atunes a destination for sailing, windsurf, kitesurf, flysurf or diving lovers.

Zahara de los Atuneshides a great treasure: one of the last great beaches of Andalusia without greater urban harm: Playa de Zahara.

Playa de Zahara has a length of 8 km and expands from Zahara de los Atunes up to Cabo de Plata, denominating this end the beach of Atlanterra. In its shores you will admire exciting sunsets and discover the neighbor who looks out over the horizon timidly: Africa. For years, Playa of Zahara proudly shows its blue flag, a distinctive award to beaches and marinas that meet a range of environmental conditions and facilities in an excellent way. Doubtlessly, Playa de Zahara is a prominent tourist referent thanks to its extraordinary location and its optimal conditions. This idyllic setting invites to pleasant boat rides on the unique waters of Zahara, to enjoy water sports or go horseback riding along the beach.


However, Zahara de los Atunes is not only a destination for sea lovers. The natural surroundings of the village also invite to practice land activities such as hiking or riding on quads. The Natural Park of El Estrecho is part of the Mediterranean Intercontinental Reserve of the Biosphere and is truly a spectacle that looks forward to be discovered. The coasts are touched by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

The Strait of Gibraltar, which meets these two seas and separates Europe from Asia, is transit point of migratory birds and marine mammals. Precisely, the union of these two seas makes this space be a priviledged enclave with a rich biodiversity of great interest. In this park you will also enjoy beautiful beaches line the Natural Landscape of Lances Beach or the impressive Natural Monument of the Bolonia Dunes.
The cultural heritage is another key element of this park. Example of it is Baelo Claudia, the famous ancient Roman city in Bolonia.


Cádiz´s gastronomy is the portrait and the expression of its landscapes: of its coastlines, the inland mountains, the dense forest and the fertile land.
Exotic food brought from America, Africa and Mediterranean far shores. Our gastronomy is exquisite, traditional, natural and innovating. Cádiz is a fishing rich land. Actually, the red tuna fish stands out in Zahara´s gastronomy. It is the fish from the so-called “almadraba”, an ancient Phoenicien fishing gear. Also, you can taste other fresh kind of fish, like mackerel, sardine, anchovies or the red mullet. Cádiz is also hunting land. Dishes made with deer, partridge and rabbit are rooted in the regional gastronomy. In Zahara de los Atunes you will also enjoy delicious stews made with products ot our land and wild herbs.

Naturally, the star ingredient of all this dishes is the olive oil from the mountains of Sierra de Cádiz with denonimation of origin.
Another exceptional and indispensable ingredient in Cádiz´s gastronomy is the wine.  The wine from Jerez is part of national and internacional recipes and is one of the most famous in Spain.
The kitchens in Zahara de los Atunes bustle with gastronomic ideas and creations – they are pure fusion of aromas and flavours. An example of it are the Red Tuna Route and the Route of Retinto, where the participants compete for making the best “tapa”.


If you are staying with us, do not miss this unique opportunity: explore Tangier, the gateway to the African continent. Ferries go daily and regularly from Tarifa to Tangier – in just an hour you can be admiring the beauty of this place protected by the famous walls of Tangier. This large city in northern Morocco, located in the Strait of Gibraltar, is full of charm and magic. It is curious: to visit the so called “white city” is to travel in time, immersing in history and culture – however, not putting modernity aside. It is a city of chronicles and legends, increasingly marked by the avant-garde. Despite the European influence, the Medina of Tangier is still full of mystery and beauty. The Grand Socco, the ancient rural market and the nerve center of the city, houses the Mosque of Sidi Bou Abid and the majestic Palace of Mendoub.

In the square of Petit Socco you can enjoy drinking tea and get enraptured in the colors and smells of this unique place before entering the street of the Mouahidines and reaching the great Mosque. You can visit Tangier on your own feet and your own way. If you prefer, there are organized tours that offer different routes. For example, in so-called “shopping tours” you visit with a guide the Kasbah, Socco, the modern town and go shopping at Bazaar. In the “cultural tour” you will visit further cultural spots like the Necropolis and the Medina. And those who love exclusivity and want to get to know the city in a relaxed way, there is a special route visiting Tangier in private vehicle, enjoying a hammam session and drinking tea in a typical coffee.

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